AngularJS: Timing Multiple resource Resolves in ngRoute and ui-router

Both AngularUI Router and Angular's own ngRoute support the concept of a resolve, an optional map of dependencies which should be injected into a controller associated with a particular state. Let's look at how we can resolve multiple external resource calls before transitioning to a new state.

Adobe DPS Showcase Gallery

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Showcase Gallery is a responsive, data-driven site I helped build with Subatomic Systems' creative services team. The site is a hand-coded AngularJS web application based on our N2 publishing system templates that integrates live data from Behance through a REST API.

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer App

The Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer app is the first demonstration of a mobile ad publishing workflow in the N2 web publishing system I codeveloped at Subatomic Systems. The app is built around a fully responsive swipe interface that rivals the perfomance of native apps.

The 20/20 Experience App

The 20/20 Experience App started out as the last in a series of technology previews based on Neutrino that I developed with Subatomic Systems. Similar to the Skyfall Trailer App, this touch-optimized HTML5 application includes an HTML5 audio player, HTML5 video, an advanced swipe-based content gallery, multi-directional embedded swipe and gallery views, and context-triggered animations.

Skyfall Trailer App

The Skyfall Trailer application is an advanced touch-optimized technology preview I codeveloped at Subatomic Systems as part of our efforts to create a new web-based content publishing system.