Data Explorer Component Library

The Data Explorer Component Library is the culmination of years of component creation and refinement in the Data Explorer product. My team extracted the reusable components from our Data Explorer codebase, added examples, detailed usage instructions, and UX guidance, and packaged them into a reusable component library available to all engineering teams at FireEye.

FireEye Data Explorer

FireEye Data Explorer is the next iteration of the X15 Enterprise product I helped create at X15 Software. I led the Data Explorer UI team, adding new features, performance enhancements, and UX refinements to help users collect, manage, analyze, and explore big data sets inside of FireEye.

X15 Enterprise UI

X15 Enterprise is a scalable big data management platform that solves the complex problem of collecting, indexing, storing, and correlating large volumes of machine-generated data in real-time. I led the UI team from 2014 to 2017 building this complex application with AngularJS and D3.

Unit Testing Complex Web Workers in AngularJS with Karma and Jasmine

Creating unit tests for complex Web Workers can be difficult since they run in an isolated context and only expose methods for sending data into the worker and receiving data back when the worker is finished. To unit test individual Web Worker functions, we need to execute the worker in an accessible context, expose its methods, and mock the isolated context properties workers expect.

The MEAN Seed

In my spare time, I've been putting together a seed project based on some of the work I've done at Flare with the MEAN stack. It started as a learning experience, to see if I could simplify all of the boilerplate code needed to set up user signup, authentication, password resets, email confirmations, etc. but keep enough flexibility so the project could be easily configured and expanded.