Data Explorer Component Library

The Data Explorer Component Library is the culmination of years of component creation and refinement in the Data Explorer product. My team extracted the reusable components from our Data Explorer codebase, added examples, detailed usage instructions, and UX guidance, and packaged them into a reusable component library available to all engineering teams at FireEye.

FireEye Data Explorer

FireEye Data Explorer is the next iteration of the X15 Enterprise product I helped create at X15 Software. I led the Data Explorer UI team, adding new features, performance enhancements, and UX refinements to help users collect, manage, analyze, and explore big data sets inside of FireEye.

X15 Enterprise UI

X15 Enterprise is a scalable big data management platform that solves the complex problem of collecting, indexing, storing, and correlating large volumes of machine-generated data in real-time. I led the UI team from 2014 to 2017 building this complex application with AngularJS and D3.

Adobe DPS Showcase Gallery

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Showcase Gallery is a responsive, data-driven site I helped build with Subatomic Systems' creative services team. The site is a hand-coded AngularJS web application based on our N2 publishing system templates that integrates live data from Behance through a REST API.

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer App

The Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer app is the first demonstration of a mobile ad publishing workflow in the N2 web publishing system I codeveloped at Subatomic Systems. The app is built around a fully responsive swipe interface that rivals the perfomance of native apps.

The 20/20 Experience App

The 20/20 Experience App started out as the last in a series of technology previews based on Neutrino that I developed with Subatomic Systems. Similar to the Skyfall Trailer App, this touch-optimized HTML5 application includes an HTML5 audio player, HTML5 video, an advanced swipe-based content gallery, multi-directional embedded swipe and gallery views, and context-triggered animations.

Skyfall Trailer App

The Skyfall Trailer application is an advanced touch-optimized technology preview I codeveloped at Subatomic Systems as part of our efforts to create a new web-based content publishing system.

Top Gear Companion App

The Top Gear Companion App is an interactive, touch-optimized technology preview demonstrating the advanced swipe-based HTML5 application interfaces I codeveloped at Subatomic Systems.

Institute for Humanities Research

The Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) site is an updated and reorganized Drupal 7 site that replaces a Drupal 5 site I deployed in 2007. To help visitors navigate and understand the IHR's complex research and service offerings, I designed custom page templates and content type color-coding for each top-level section specifically adapted to the section information structure.


The Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety (CVPCS) Drupal site is a comprehensive content management system that helps the center feature research projects, publications, and services.

Learning Sciences Institute

The Learning Sciences Institute website is a full-featured content management portal for project tracking, news and event announcements, resource scheduling, staff listings, and institute promotional information.

Arizona Indicators

Arizona Indicators is a data visualization project I've been developing with the Morrison Institute at ASU since 2007. The Indicators site is a complex and evolving web application integrating a Drupal content management system, Google Docs data storage, Highcharts JavaScript-powered interactive visualizations, and custom-built JavaScript data integration libraries.