Skyfall Trailer App

The Skyfall Trailer application is an advanced touch-optimized technology preview I codeveloped at Subatomic Systems as part of our efforts to create a new web-based content publishing system.

Top Gear Companion App

The Top Gear Companion App is an interactive, touch-optimized technology preview demonstrating the advanced swipe-based HTML5 application interfaces I codeveloped at Subatomic Systems.

Travelodge Match-Up with CSS3 Transforms

When I moved to San Francisco, I stayed in a Travelodge for a few weeks while I looked for a reasonable apartment in the city. To commemorate that awful stay, I made a memory matching game using CSS3 transforms and transitions.

A Lightweight Caching Proxy in PHP

Occasionally, I've come across situations where I'm building client-side applications that use AJAX or AHAH calls to retrieve data from an infrequently updated third-party source and I'd like to minimize the load on the source while still managing to get new data when it's available. A caching proxy can help do just that.

Obtaining Visitor Location with the HTML5 Geolocation API

The HTML5 Geolocation API can be a handy tool for location-aware applications but browser support is still incomplete. Utilize HTML5 geolocation, a timeout, and IP-based geolocation to ensure you get a visitor location.