The MEAN Seed

In my spare time, I've been putting together a seed project based on some of the work I've done at Flare with the MEAN stack. It started as a learning experience, to see if I could simplify all of the boilerplate code needed to set up user signup, authentication, password resets, email confirmations, etc. but keep enough flexibility so the project could be easily configured and expanded.

AngularJS: Timing Multiple resource Resolves in ngRoute and ui-router

Both AngularUI Router and Angular's own ngRoute support the concept of a resolve, an optional map of dependencies which should be injected into a controller associated with a particular state. Let's look at how we can resolve multiple external resource calls before transitioning to a new state.

Adobe DPS Showcase Gallery

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Showcase Gallery is a responsive, data-driven site I helped build with Subatomic Systems' creative services team. The site is a hand-coded AngularJS web application based on our N2 publishing system templates that integrates live data from Behance through a REST API.

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer App

The Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer app is the first demonstration of a mobile ad publishing workflow in the N2 web publishing system I codeveloped at Subatomic Systems. The app is built around a fully responsive swipe interface that rivals the perfomance of native apps.

The 20/20 Experience App

The 20/20 Experience App started out as the last in a series of technology previews based on Neutrino that I developed with Subatomic Systems. Similar to the Skyfall Trailer App, this touch-optimized HTML5 application includes an HTML5 audio player, HTML5 video, an advanced swipe-based content gallery, multi-directional embedded swipe and gallery views, and context-triggered animations.