Travelodge® Match-Up

A memory matching game about everyone's favorite motel chain.

Built with: HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Motel Cat


When I moved to San Francisco, I stayed in a Travelodge for a few weeks while I looked for a reasonable apartment in the city (Pro tip: there's no such thing). With spotty Wi-Fi and only 3 TV channels, I was understandably bored out of my mind.

To commemorate that awful stay, I made this memory matching game with all of my least favorite amenities. Give it a try or go stay in a Travelodge to play for real.


Travelodge Match-Up is built on bootstrap and uses CSS3 transforms and transitions to flip the cards. For more info on the CSS, check out Chris Ruppel's excellent examples at CSS3 Playground. Also, you can cheat by clicking extra fast.

Make Your Own Game

Want to make your very own memory matching game? Of course you do. Get the code for this site plus my witty commentary on github.